9 Foods that Kill Testosterone

If you have ever wondered why despite your best efforts, your testosterone levels are still low, look no further than your diet. While your diet can have a considerable impact on your testosterone levels, this thought generally doesn’t occur to most men.

Eliminating or reducing these foods in your diet will help you to keep your testosterone level where it should be.

1 Flax or Flax Seeds

Flaxseeds can be milled, ground, or whole, but no matter how you eat them, these seeds contain lignans that are known to kill testosterone levels. Try to avoid foods that contain flax as well.

2 Sodas

Sweet beverages such as sodas can be very harmful to those looking to increase testosterone. Soda contains high levels of sugar that are bad for testosterone as well as general health.

3 Store-Bought Produce

This one is a little tricky, but “store-bought” refers to produce that was grown using chemicals and pesticides. These chemicals are known to encourage estrogen production and can lower your testosterone levels in no time. If you love fruit and vegetables, make sure that they are organic.

4 Packaged Meat and Dairy

Unless you are explicitly buying meat and dairy that says it was raised without antibiotics or hormones, you are ingesting food that will have a dire effect on your testosterone levels. For beef and dairy, stick with free-range and hormone-free varieties when buying milk, cheese, eggs, or meat.

5 Soy milk

Soy milk might sound like an innocent alternative to dairy. Still, soy products also contain genistein, which is an isoflavone that kills testosterone and boosts estrogen. Soy milk is incredibly potent, but if you want to be safe, steer clear of all soy products.

6 Doughnuts

We are all aware that doughnuts aren’t exactly healthy. Still, many of us are unaware that they also contain a generous amount of trans fat. This noxious fat is known to significantly lower levels of testosterone. Doughnuts also increase belly fat, which can release toxins into your body and put you at risk of fatty liver or heart disease. It is best to put down the doughnuts.

7 Beer

Bad news for most men out there, but drinking too much beer will decrease your testosterone levels as well. Beer not only hits testosterone levels hard but can also affect your metabolism. If you insist on beer, or other alcohol, be sure to drink in moderation.

8 White Bread

When you eat white bread instead of the whole-grain option, you will miss out on the much-needed zinc supplement that is required to keep normal levels of testosterone. Foods that contain a lot of flour such as bagels, cookies, or crackers are vitamin-mineral deficient and have a lot of empty calories.

9 Hot dogs

You might be surprised to find hotdogs on this list, but they are here for a good reason. The outer casing of most hotdogs is made with a covering that contains PVC. PVC is the same material that is used for plumbing and drainage tile. Hotdogs are best avoided as chemicals as PVC will significantly lower your testosterone levels and leave you with little energy.

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